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লড়াইয়ের গল্প গোটা বিশ্বের কাছে তুলে ধরাই.......অঙ্গীকার হওয়া উচিত পায়রা বন্দরের সঙ্গে সড়ক ও রেলের কানেকটিভিটি বাড়াতে প্রয়োজনীয় ব্যবস্থা গ্রহণের নির্দেশ মেট্রোরেলের ভাড়ার ওপর ভ্যাট নেওয়ার সিদ্ধান্ত অগ্রহণযোগ্য চাকরির পেছনে ছুটে না বেড়িয়ে চাকরি দেওয়ার মানসিকতা তৈরি করুন বরিশাল বিমানবন্দর এরিয়া ভাঙ্গন রোধে কাজ করছে সরকার বিআরটিসির অগ্রযাত্রায় সাহসিক পদক্ষেপ,সাফল্যের মহাসড়কে অদম্য যাত্রা জুজুৎসুর নিউটনের যৌন নিপীড়নের ভয়ংকর তথ্য লুটপাটের স্বর্গরাজ্যে পরিণত করেছে বিদ্যুৎ খাতকে বেতন বৃদ্ধির দাবি জানিয়েছে তৃতীয় শ্রেণি সরকারি কর্মচারী সমিতি সশস্ত্র সন্ত্রাসী ইসরাইল ও ফিলিস্তিনে তুমুল লড়াই চলছে

What is the imagination? Safe road

AbuBakar Siddiq: After the death of student student Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury in the Pragati Sarani area of ​​Dhaka, students started blockade after blocking the students. Later on Wednesday they suspended the movement until March 28. But eight people, including eight people, were killed in road accidents due to road and rail in eight districts including the capital. Of these, only 6 people including children, teachers and students fell on the road. Besides, two people were killed in the train collision and two people were killed on the roof. These accidents took place from Thursday morning till noon. A madrasa teacher was killed by Abdur Razzak (52) under the pressure of lorry in the capital’s Mirpur. The accident happened around 4:30 am on Thursday. Police sent Shahid Suhrawardi Medical College Hospital to the mortuary for autopsy.
Road accidents are not decreasing, but it is increasing day by day. Although the condition ‘epidemic’ has been shaped, it will not be exaggerated. There is another incident happening in the event of not cutting an incident. Every day news of the accident is going on. The number of casualties in these cases is also many. The remedy is very important.
’55 thousand people lost their lives in road accidents in last 15 years. The accident case was about 77 thousand. Due to these reasons road accidents have now become one of the major national problems. For the sake of this, it is important to take the highest step to keep people free from this problem. ‘

The death of a road accident does not only cause deep condolences, wounds in a family, but also loses the financially, the family is crippled. In some accidents, the only earning member of the family is killed. Then the family is not saying what is the condition of the family. And those who fall into the family’s family are more tragic, more painful.
According to one statistic, one-half percent of the GDP of Bangladesh is destroyed annually due to road accidents, which amount to five thousand crore taka. In last 15 years, 55 thousand people lost their lives in road accidents. The accident case was about 77 thousand. Due to these reasons road accidents have now become one of the major national problems. It is imperative to take the overall step to keep people free from this problem because of their importance.

All of the people related to the causes of the accident know very well. Among them, population pressure is more in the country’s road infrastructure and land area ratio. The number of motorcycles has increased much faster than the road. Buses, trucks, private cars, rickshaws and mixed vehicles are on the same road. In addition road and highways are faulty. There are dangerous places in many places across the country’s highways. Due to these bends, accidents are often occurring in those places.

Many experts believe that due to infrastructural reasons the risk of damage and risk is very high. One of the reasons that is being blamed for the recent accidental epidemic is the driver’s helplessness and reckless driving. This problem is repeatedly marked but there is no cure.
An investigation committee was formed every time after the accident. The investigation report never saw the face of the light. And for the good reason the culprits are not punished. Low level people from the upper level of the society – who are victims of the accident, there is an instance of fair trial in which an incident has been tried. And if there is nothing going on without any trial, it will happen again. The question is, how many lives, how long the death procession will stop but this slaughter?

There are no road accidents. But the number of accidents and the reduction of losses should be the target. Well, trained drivers, upgradation of roads, modern signaling systems, and there are issues. It is also important to get quick treatment of the fallen people in the accident. Sometimes there is a problem in treating the injured due to legal complications. Action must be taken to solve this problem. Editor and publisher of Liked Message Writer, Poet, Journalist.

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