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First of all, Islam has given the status of women

Abu Bakr Siddiq: In the Holy Qur’an, the great Almighty says, “I will not ruin the actions of any of your kinsmen, be it men or women” (Surah Al-Imran: 1). Equal. Be it men or women, it doesn’t matter. Think about the status of women before the advent of Islam. Men used to interact freely with women. Women, women and women used to celebrate wine and music. In that age, they considered the birth of a daughter childless and extremely shameful. Women were treated as immovable property. They had nothing to say. But with the advent of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the messenger of the liberation of humanity, women received their due respect and dignity. Allah Almighty teaches in His Divine Book the Holy Qur’an which is revealed to him, “They are a kind of garment for you, and you are a kind of garment for them” (Surah al-Baqara: 1). Now, what is the function of the garment? The work of clothing is to cover nudity. So Allah Almighty says that you husbands and wives must cover each other’s faults. Because clothing also causes beauty enhancement. Here men and women are described as associates of each other.

In fact, in the Holy Qur’an, boys and girls have been declared heirs of sons and daughters. Similarly, the inheritance of mothers, wives, daughters and husbands and sisters in particular cases is the inheritance of brothers and sisters. Your wives are for you As setra “(Surat al-Baqara: 223) One of the good farmer, he always guard the precious land, labor minister in the ground, to protect the land from harmful insects, as well as the teachings of Islam, men and women who know that your precious possessions. Do not make any mistakes in properly protecting them, keeping an eye on their well-being and living a good marriage with them. The Prophet (peace be upon him) was particularly concerned about good conduct towards women.

He is the first to establish the inheritance of women on earth. In fact, in the Quran, the inheritance of property with boys is also given to boys. Similarly, the inheritance of mothers, wives, daughters and husbands’ property and sisters in particular cases has been inherited. No other religion has ever established women’s rights in the earth before Islam. Likewise, he (pbuh) gave women absolute ownership of his wealth. The husband does not have the right to interfere with his wife’s property as a husband. The woman has full freedom to spend her wealth. She also cared enough for the emotions of the people. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) went on a trip, women were also with him, so that he would tell everyone to move slowly. Once upon a time when the soldiers began to chase their horses and camels by force, he said, “Are you doing that! Take care of the glass! Take care of the glass! That is, what are you doing! The girls are there too. If you were to rake a camel like this, then those glasses would be broken and crushed ”(Bokhari). Camels and horses were not being brought to a standstill because of confusion once upon a battlefield. Rasul Karim (peace be upon him) fell from the horse. Many women also fell. A disciple came from behind to seek the help of the Prophet. Rasulullah’s feet were still stuck in the stirrups and he was hanging. He hurried off, freed himself and noticed the disciple and said, “Leave me, in the meantime, go towards the women. When the time of Rahul Karim (pbuh) drew near, he gathered all the Muslims together. One of his wishes was, “I am giving you my last will (admonition) that women should always be treated well.” Era, and the flames of their education, and better tarabiyata that will forbid the Fire for him khodataala the Day of Resurrection “(Tirmizi).

It was common practice among Arabs that women would be beaten if they made a mistake. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) came to know about this, he said, “Women are servants of Allah, not you. They will never beat them. ”He (peace be upon him) said,” I tell you about a person who does not treat his wife well, or beats her up, that he should not be considered righteous in the sight of God. ” After the declaration, the rights of women were formally established. For the first time, women enjoy the taste of freedom through the grace of the Prophet. (Abu Dawood, Kitaboon Nikah). Hazrat Mabiya al-Qusayabi (ra) said, “I asked Rasool Karim (peace be upon him),” O Messenger of Allah! What is the right of us wives? ” And do not drive him out of the house ‘(Abu Dawood). Mahanabi (peace be upon him) said that women were created from the bones of ribs. If you go straight to it once, you will break it. That is, they are somewhat curved on their own. But this is the beauty of women. If they swell at once