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The sworn oath of the countrymen is rich

AbuBakar Siddiq: Today is March 26. Independence Day. On this day Bangladesh was established as an independent state on the map of the world through an armed liberation war. For freedom, people of this country had to fight for long nine months. On the night of 25 March 1971, the Pakistani army invading the Pakistani army attacked the unarmed people of this country. They attacked Peelkhana, EPR, Rajarbagh police line, Dhaka University, hostel, teachers’ residence with the latest weapons and set fire to various territories. Slum, people in the crowded areas, including the terminal Their horror was that all night long. On this night, Bangabandhu was arrested from his Dhanmondi house number 32. Originally started on March 26, the armed resistance of the masses of Bengal. It is to be said that the foundation of establishing its own state of Bangladesh is the beginning of this day’s final battle.

Then there was an all-out resistance against the aggressors and one after another. One million people took shelter in India as refugees. The expatriate government was formed, various freedom fighters, freedom fighters, guerrilla forces, Mujib Bahini, and other freedom fighters for the liberation war. Finally, we took the final conquest in exchange for the honor of the lives of three hundred thousand people and innumerable mothers and sisters, December 16 of the same year. Such sacrifices for the sake of independence have made very few nations. On the day of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s call, the whole nation had jumped into the war of liberation. In our great days, we commemorate the great honor and love of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all his leaders, who lead the war of liberation war. With respect to all martyrs, freedom fighters and oppressed mothers and sisters. After the victory in the war of liberation war reconstruction work started under the leadership of Bangabandhu. At that time, on March 26, 1972, the first anniversary of independence was celebrated in a free home country. On that day everyone was excited to build the country. In addition to the development program of the newly independent country, the trial process against those accused of war crimes-crimes against humanity was also started on that day. But in 1975, Bangabandhu was martyred in the hands of the anti-liberation forces. Later, Khandaker Mushtaq and military dictatorship established misrule in the country. Those who were primarily attending to the defeats in the liberation war. During this period the holy constitution of the country was wounded and the values ​​of the war of liberation were damaged.

Anti-liberation reactionaries are still active. They want to establish a ‘Pakistani model’ regime in Bangladesh. They once tried to remove Bangabandhu’s name and target from the country. Through all government propaganda including radio, television, they banned the name of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. Then there was also a direct partner of state power in the fight against the liberation forces. Although they were temporarily benefited, they did not succeed in the past, people of this country did not let them succeed. Awami League, now the leader of the Liberation War in the state power. Bangladesh led by this group has been moving forward in socio-economic areas, who one day gave the slander to Bangladesh ‘bottomless basket’, the scandal is now eroded. Bangladesh is now on the highway of development. The big development project is being implemented with own funding. Now the dream of just going ahead, dream of building a golden Bengal. More than four decades after the liberation war, trial proceedings of the war crimes trials of the infamous War of Liberation have been resumed. The war crimes tribunal has already declared the verdict of the trial of several war criminals of war criminals. Jamaat leader Quader Molla, Kamaruzzaman, Ali Ahsan Mujahid and BNP leader Saka Chowdhury’s execution penalty has already been executed. Through this, Bangladesh has been moving forward towards redemption. In fact, it is not possible to enlighten all the sectors of our national life in the spirit of liberation war, without completing the trial of war criminals. Therefore, after completing this trial, we will have to take an oath to keep the spirit of torment for generations after generation.

In this great day, we commemorate the humble tribute and love of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and all the leaders who lead his fellow Liberation War. With respect to all martyrs, freedom fighters and oppressed mothers and sisters With the dream of forming a non-communal, democratic and prosperous Bangladesh, the people of this country have taken up arms, took oath of life, and all of us have the responsibility to implement it. We remember that responsibility on this day. Newly sworn oaths to create a non-communal country of hunger-free, poverty-free, exploitation, non-development, rich and prosperous Liberation War.

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